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What we do

The mission of City Wildlife is to assist wildlife in the District of Columbia through rehabilitation, release to the wild, advocacy, and public education.


  • The Rehab Center

    DC’s first-ever rehabilitation center to help injured and orphaned wild animals.

    The Rehab Center
  • Lights Out DC

    Saving migrating birds by asking people to turn out unnecessary lights at night.

    Lights Out DC
  • Quack FAQ’s

    An outreach and rescue program to assist nesting Mallard ducks and ducklings.

    Quack FAQ’s

About Us

City Wildlife’s was formed in 2008 to establish the first-ever wild animal rescue and rehabilitation center within the District of Columbia, where orphaned, sick, and injured wild animals are treated and returned to the wild. Beyond that, we seek to promote the enjoyment of native wildlife and harmonious co-existence with wild animals, and to protect the District of Columbia’s wild places for animal habitats. To learn more about how we help, read about our programs.

The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant, “What good is it?”
Aldo Leopold

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